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Admission and Discharge

Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by a member of our nursing staff. We will ensure that your room is suited to your needs, and familiarize you with the room and its amenities. Over the course of the first few days, you will meet various members of your health care team. Their focus is always on getting your health to its maximum strength and assuring that any special health care needs are met, including special dietary concerns or effective pain management.

During your stay, staff will be discussing your care goals with you and your caregivers. This dialogue is very important in attaining the best possible outcomes for you. There will be many opportunities to confer with the health care team regarding your goals through one-on-one discussions with staff, or more formally, while participating in group discussions related to your care plan.

When preparing for the transition home, our interdisciplinary team will identify any medical needs that should be addressed with post care and ensure those needs are communicated in detail. Social Services staff will coordinate services with your physician and insurance provider. Additionally, our rehab staff will evaluate any functional needs and make recommendations for equipment that may be needed at home. Once home, social services staff will contact you to assure that planned services, medications and equipment, have been arranged properly.

Our goal is to make the transition home as smooth as possible